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Advertise online with Mahoning Valley Sports!

Mahoning Valley Sports is one of the largest and fastest-growing digital media platforms for local high school sports. Promote your brand through Game Day Action and social media, and connect with your local audience in targeted hyper local markets.


With Mahoning Valley Sports, you’ll have access to high school parents, athletes, and fans everywhere.

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Game Day

Mahoning Valley Sports approach to local media is through Game Day sports photography.

We extend our reach through social media giving you unprecedented access and integration into sports communities.

Social Media

Reach community members where they are, through local content.

The ads are placed on each Game Day photo shared to newsfeed, and shared to local community groups. 

Trackable results are shared.


We keep your brand in front of your audience across the web. Additional impressions are targeted with banner ads in support of the local community and schools.

Digital sales are donated back to schools

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